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Compound Interest, Part 2: Your Rocket To Riches

Compound Interest, Part 2: Your Rocket To Riches

A rocket pictured mid-launch, demonstrating the acceleration and sheer power of compound interest.
The 9/27/2007 launch of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft via a Delta II-Heavy rocket, the most powerful in its class. Dawn Begins Its Journey” by NASA / Sandra Joseph & Rafael Hernandez via, Public Domain license

This is the second installment of a 5-part series examining the massive impact compound interest can have on your journey to financial freedom.

In part one of this series, we reviewed the phenomenal nature of compound interest, its life-changing potential, and a basic illustration of how it actually works.

Today’s article will illustrate how compound interest can become a rocket capable of breaking the sound millionaire barrier and launching your financial freedom into orbit.

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