Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer

The mission of this website is to equip readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to master their finances and save money in pursuit of financial freedom. In support of this, I will occasionally recommend carefully-vetted resources in the form of products or services which I have personally used and found to be critical to my own journey to financial freedom.

In some cases, I will partner with the individuals or companies offering these resources by becoming their affiliate. Some (not all) links listed within individual blog posts or on my Resources page may be affiliate links representing this relationship.

If you click on such a link and end up purchasing the recommended product or service, this blog may receive a commission from the related company (at no cost to you).

These affiliate relationships constitute a win-win situation by enabling me to equip you with the money-saving resources that I’ve used to become financially free while at the same time giving you an opportunity to support this blog in return, should you feel so inclined.

I will identify any and all affiliate links when and where used in the interest of full disclosure to every reader. If after evaluating a given recommendation you find that a resource will be helpful for your personal situation, purchasing the product or service through one of these links will help cover some of the costs of operating this website (thank you!).

I only recommend resources which I have personally used, found helpful, and can vouch for. The existence of an affiliate program for a given resource or the lack thereof will never impact a recommendation made for one resource over another.

If you have any questions about this disclaimer or my affiliation with a certain product or service, please feel free to contact me for additional information.